Accenture launches platform to help enterprises navigate cloud landscape

Accenture launches platform to help enterprises navigate cloud landscape
Photo Credit: Reuters
27 Nov, 2019

Dublin-based technology giant Accenture has launched a new cloud platform, myNav, which helps companies simulate cloud architecture and services before making a vendor decision.

The platform gives organisations a customised roadmap and optimises costs, a statement from the company said. 

Accenture pulled data from 30,000 cloud projects to build myNav. 

“myNav uses this repository to simulate optimal and scalable cloud architectures and solutions. By providing a more informed view and a calibrated cloud strategy for business transformation, myNav helps clients compete more effectively in today’s data-driven, cloud-enabled economy,” Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive of Accenture Technology Services. 

The new platform uses a three-step process to assess client needs. It scans the existing infrastructure and recommends a cloud deployment strategy. Next, an automated artificial intelligence engine looks at the requirement and recommends a solution. In the last step,  the platform helps the company simulate as well as test a scaled-up model to see how the system would work. 

Most major IT companies have developed solutions to ease their clients’ cloud migration journeys. What’s different about myNav is that it lets clients run a simulation before making a decision.