Blockchain company Zebi unveils cloud solution

Blockchain company Zebi unveils cloud solution
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20 Jan, 2020

Zebi India Data, a full-stack core-blockchain company has launched Zebi Secure Cloud.

The company has used its blockchain-related patents to develop a data logging and integrity management system for cloud forensics, the Vishakhapatnam headquartered company said in a statement.

The company has also promoted Pruthvi Rao to the position of CEO from COO, the statement added.

Cloud forensics combines both cloud computing and digital forensics. Data security has become a major concern as more companies migrate their workloads to the cloud. During cyber attacks, time becomes a critical factor as companies need to gather evidence about the breach and find ways to resolve the issue.

Zebi claims that less than 40% of these breaches are ever detected, of which more than 70% can’t be conclusively analysed due to deleted or tampered evidence, in the form of logs and files.

According to Zebi, its platform helps enterprises zero in on the crime. It maintains data in a digitally indestructible container on every system, monitors events leading up to the incident and also permits the analysis of logs during and after a security event. The company has compared the new product to fight recorders on aircraft that are retrieved after an accident.  The platform uses  ML (machine learning) for log analysis and flag suspicious activities in real-time, the company added.

“With this product, enterprises can grow their business by enabling a forensically monitored approach to secure cloud data and infrastructure, transparently and seamlessly than ever before,” Sudheer Kuppam, chairman, Zebi said.

The company also said that Zebi Secure Cloud enables real-time alerts using cognitive insights and predictive alerts, a unique alert system when aided with scheduled and real-time reporting, learns and upgrades based on intelligence from various security events.

Founded in 2015 by Babu Munagala, Zebi is a full-stack core-blockchain company. Full-stack means that Zebi operates in the entire blockchain ecosystem – infrastructure and products. Core blockchain means that Zebi does not offer any other service apart from the blockchain.

Last year in February, it acquired its Bengaluru-based peer Element42, for an undisclosed amount.