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Watch: Decoding Hybrid IT with Rajesh Dhar, HPE

19 Mar, 2020


In today’s world, digital transformation is the only way for businesses to achieve dominance in the market. Optimizing IT infrastructure is the stepping stone in this journey of digital transformation. With the advent of cloud computing, most companies now function under the Hybrid IT model, by using a combination of legacy systems, cloud computing, and internal and external IT. The term Hybrid IT is not just a moniker for private and public cloud IT mashed up together but the operating paradigm that enables smooth IT operations and application development.

In this insightful video, Rajesh Dhar shares his thoughts on the relevance of Hybrid IT from an economic, business and technology standpoint in the modern digital world. Watch to know how businesses can tap into the flexibility and convenience of the cloud; how to allocate optimum resources on new solutions, and the key factors to consider whilst making Hybrid IT strategy decisions.

Rajesh Dhar is the Senior Director - Hybrid IT at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in India. In this role, he drives and manages the revenue, P&L, sales and pre-sales business in its various forms - DCHC, Servers, ISS and the likes.

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