UiPath offers free RPA software to healthcare organisations fighting Covid-19

UiPath offers free RPA software to healthcare organisations fighting Covid-19
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8 Apr, 2020

New York based robotic process automation (RPA) solution provider UiPath has offered its software to accelerate critical processes and free employees in healthcare organisations from repetitive tasks so they can rapidly respond to issues related to Covid-19.

RPA refers to technology that allows a bot or software to emulate the actions of a human being interacting with digital systems in order to complete business operations. The company said that RPA would be able to handle critical tasks such as managing high volumes of testing results as well as support call centres to enable and prepare remote workforces.

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UiPath will also offer its lab, the automation hub to help enterprises who want to build automation tools.

The company has signed over 100 new customers to deploy Automation Hub in order to support their remote workforce.

“Never has there been more need for software robots to assist hospitals with huge volumes of medical tests processing, or the public authorities with navigating, or the retailers with onboarding to aid in the crisis,” Daniel Dines Co-Founder and CEO of UiPath, said.

In terms of helping healthcare workers, UiPath said that it will automate the check-in process in hospitals, allowing digital paperwork to be processed quickly.

The company also said that the wait time for a testing transaction can be reduced from 150 seconds for a human, to 15 seconds for a bot.
To help call centres inundated with queries,  the company said agents supported by RPA are able to pull up customer data faster and reduce the overall handling time with customers.

Automation of registration of new equipment for remote workers as well as creating new users for a virtual private network can also be automated. This can lead to faster setup of equipment for remote workers, UiPath said.

UiPath also said that RPA can be applied to healthcare, insurance, government, retail, banking, and transportation among other domains.