Automation Anywhere launches new solutions and a bot store

Automation Anywhere launches new solutions and a bot store
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11 Jun, 2020

Automation Anywhere, a San Jose based robotic process automation solutions (RPA) provider, has announced new additions to its digital workplace platform.

The solutions are designed to help organisations that require work from home friendly application programming interface (API)-based integrations.

Automation Anywhere also advised enterprises to automate more than 50% of critical business processes in order to have a resilient business model that could tackle another instance of a crisis.

The new capabilities, which were announced at the company’s Imagine Digital online conference held on June 9, included human-to-bot collaboration advancements, seamless API based integration and a new developer portal for RPA skills enhancement.

“Today, we are empowering them (customers) to build resilience for future success by delivering opportunities that speed and scale automation across businesses, large and small,” Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-founder, Automation Anywhere, said in a statement. 

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In terms of API integration, Automation Anywhere said that the company’s recent partnership with San Francisco based software company MuleSoft will enable customers to simplify the development of intelligent automation solutions through MuleSoft APIs and their own RPA platform.

Also in order to provide support to citizen developers and professionals to enhance their RPA skills, Automation Anywhere has launched a new RPA skills enhancement developer’s portal where users can access latest videos, tutorials, code samples and peer-to-peer support through the forum and blog posts. The portal will also provide learning courses from Automation Anywhere University.

Automation Anywhere also said that it has now delivered over one million courses on RPA to developers, business analysts, partners and students. The company claims it currently provides close to 140,000 certifications in RPA, 100 online RPA courses and has over 125 academic partners.

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Additionally, a private bot store will provide developers with a cloud-based marketplace to discover, use and scale bots in order to help human workers in RPA with user-friendly interface and personalised recommendations.