About a third of enterprises seek better IT infrastructure: Wipro

About a third of enterprises seek better IT infrastructure: Wipro
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16 Jun, 2020

Some 75% of enterprises find the need to upgrade outdated infrastructure while 81% are reskilling the existing workforce to increase digital penetration, according to a report by Bengaluru based information technology (IT) services giant Wipro.   

The ‘state of IT infrastructure 2020,’ report showed how Covid-19 pandemic will affect IT infrastructure trends. 

“A range of new technologies like internet of things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), blockchain, are on course to be fully exploited by digital businesses,” Kiran Desai, Senior vice president and global head, cloud and infrastructure services, Wipro Limited said in a statement.

On average, 43% of the IT infrastructure budget is used in transforming the business. Some 24% of enterprises still do not have a single cloud partner, signifying that there is considerable room for innovation and digitization.  

The study looked at three months of primary and secondary research including surveys of C level executives, vice presidents and business unit leads across verticals such as BFSI (banking financial services and insurance), manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive and a host of other verticals. The total number of respondents surveyed was not mentioned.

Owing to the recent events, organisations are shifting from a ‘cloud-first’ approach to a ‘cloud smart’ approach. A big player in such a cloud smart scenario would be open-source architectures as well as containerization through ecosystems such as Docker or Kubernetes.

About 54% of the companies surveyed said that they will be adopting containers. Containerization refers to bundling an application along with its configuration files, libraries and other required documents together which can help it run efficiently and more securely.

Additionally, the report cited a trend towards the evolution of software-defined resources and the emergence of AIOps.

AIOps, also known as artificial intelligence for IT operations is a term used to encompass the usage of big data, machine learning and AI technologies to solve common IT issues and make them better.

“By leveraging multi-cloud, edge, software-defined infrastructure, artificial intelligence and automation, we will be able to realize the full potential of these new technologies and present a truly ‘invisible infrastructure’ to applications,” added Desai.

Digital workspaces have become the new frontier for IT services companies as more enterprises shift to remote working environments.

Wipro recently said that it will integrate a host of services from desktop virtualisation provider Citrix Systems and technology giant Microsoft to create cloud-based virtual compute environments. The solutions are expected to help enterprises deploy reliable and secure digital workspaces. 

The company has also stitched multiple partnerships including VMWare, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM.