Intelligent Automation Augmenting HR Shared Services

Intelligent Automation Augmenting HR Shared Services
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15 Jul, 2020

Over the last few years, the HR shared services space has become highly streamlined with efficient delivery of administrative HR tasks. The industry has always been receptive to adopting new technologies to standardize processes, and it’s no surprise that intelligent automation is making rapid inroads in the domain. 

SeamEx is the captive HR shared services and HR technology center of the Aditya Birla group, and it relies on making quick jumps in the technology space to achieve its objectives. The strategy is called ‘2G to 5G’, as the maturity of the industry has offered lessons and experiences that SeamEx has adopted. When it comes to intelligent automation, this means that SeamEx has moved quickly, gained economic and operational advantages of automation. 

Challenges that automation has helped overcome

The very nature of the HR shared services industry means that there are diverse business units to cater to. The multiplicity of processes and differences in how businesses operate lead to overlapping workloads, and redundancy of efforts. Moreover, providing configurable multi-layered processes for each business unit also requires a degree of insight and flexibility that only specialized solutions can take care of. 

This is where Automation Anywhere’s Intelligent Digital Transformation platform steps into the picture. Firstly, the most simple and repetitive tasks are taken care of by RPA-driven bots. Next, the cognitive and AI-driven aspect of advanced bots also provides a multi-pronged approach that helps the business function. It delivers clear benefits such as the alignment of internal cross-functional teams, and the sharing of user experiences and automation journeys to enable higher automation buy-in. 

At SeamEx in particular, adoption of automation has been ongoing for about 18 months. Prior to this, diverse tasks such as payroll, ticketing tool management, talent staffing - onboarding candidate joining form verification and more were being undertaken manually, the implementation of intelligent automation has reduced turnaround times and efficiency drastically.

The clear benefits of automation at SeamEx

Having entered the HR shared services industry at a later stage, SeamEx has had some catching up to do. Thus, approaching the problem in the right spirit, SeamEx employed technology to boost operations and put in place a well-suited team of technology owners, delivery experts and senior management. Each contributor in this journey is invested in the automation process from start to finish, and the results are an indicator of such a holistic approach. 

With intelligent automation in the mix, SeamEx has been able to achieve more data accuracy and faster processing for all requests. There have been no SLA (service level agreement) breaches and all candidate verification jobs have been carried out with compliance and accuracy. All tasks related to ticket creation for customers, and data entry have been automated and this has led to the widespread success of intelligent automation at the company. 

This is leading to the next phase in the automation deployment lifecycle at SeamEx - the human-bot coexistence phase that is beneficial for IT and operation teams. With more advanced variations of automation and new-age technologies such as cognitive, AI and NLP in the mix, the future of the industry looks promising with the right automation solutions deployed. 

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Srividya Samu

Srividya Samu

Head of Service Delivery - HR Shared Services SeamEx at Aditya Birla Group.