Tech Mahindra launches feature to optimise software planning

Tech Mahindra launches feature to optimise software planning
Photo Credit: Reuters
7 Aug, 2020

Information technology (IT) services firm Tech Mahindra has rolled out a smart planning feature on its new age delivery or NAD platform that will help businesses to improve business agility of its customers.

The smart planning feature on NAD platform will enable businesses to optimise software planning time up to 40%. It also promises around 20% reduction in operational-expenses and more than 25% in cost-saving. NAD is Tech Mahindra's on-demand and outcome-based software delivery platform.

The smart planning feature uses the approach of transformation from ‘build’ to ‘reuse and deploy’ to reduce rework, helping enterprises to optimise time and effort in product planning and delivery, Tech Mahindra says. This helps remote teams to plan effectively and efficiently to automate its planning and monitoring methods for daily work management, the company added.

Through NAD technology, teams can automate requirement gathering, product backlog fulfilment, plan releases and monitor on one single dashboard through their new smart planning feature.

“The platform being artificial intelligence enabled is intelligent enough to constantly guide the project teams for the optimum flight path for execution. Apart from the planning and monitoring, the platform also enables the program team to govern the status of various ongoing program execution with digital command center, enabled by various personas of the ecosystem,” Abhijit Lahiri, head of new age delivery, Tech Mahindra said in a statement.

Late last month, Tech Mahindra had announced a global strategic partnership with CyQureX, a London based cybersecurity solutions provider to leverage the latter's software-defined perimeter technology and solutions to help clients address the ‘zero trust’ environment.

Tech Mahindra saw a revenue growth up 5% while its profits grew 32% sequentially in the first quarter of FY21. Its income stood at Rs 9,106 crore for the June quarter of FY21, a 5.2% growth from the Rs 8,653 crore it reported for the same period last year.