After Mumbai, AWS to open second cloud region in Hyderabad

After Mumbai, AWS to open second cloud region in Hyderabad
Photo Credit: Reuters

Seattle Washington based Amazon Web Services on Friday announced that it will introduce a second cloud infrastructure region in India, in the state of Telangana by mid-2022.

 Amazon cloud computing resources, hosted in multiple locations across the world, consist of AWS regions, availability zones, and local zones. Here, each AWS region consists of multiple and isolated locations known as availability zones.

These availability zones are technology infrastructures present in distinct geographical locations with enough distance to reduce risks of a single event impacting customers’ business continuity while also providing low latency for applications that require availability applications.  

AWS said that its customers will have the option to run applications in multiple availability zones to achieve greater fault tolerance, according to a statement.

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The new AWS Asia Region in south India will consist of three availability zones at launch and will join the nine other AWS regions and 26 availability zones across Asia in India, Australia, Greater China, Singapore, Japan and Korea, the company said.

“Together with our AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region, we’re providing customers for even greater fault tolerance, resiliency, and availability across geographic locations.” Peter DeSantis, senior vice president of global infrastructure and customer support, AWS, said.

The new infrastructure region will enable more developers, startups, and enterprises from the areas of the government, education and non-profit organisations to serve end users from data centres located in India.

It would also provide customers with additional infrastructure to leverage advanced technologies from the world’s leading cloud with the broadest deepest suite of cloud services including storage, analytics, database, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and others.

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AWS added that it would launch 15 more availability zones and five more AWS regions across India, Indonesia, Japan, Spain and Switzerland. Globally, AWS has 77 availability zones and 24 infrastructure regions.

“Combining the unique resources of Telangana with AWS, the world’s leading cloud, will boost economic development, power digital-led innovation, and establish a cloud centre hub for the rest of the country,”  KT Rama Rao, minister for information technology, electronics and communications, municipal administration and urban development and industries and commerce departments, government of Telangana.

AWS opened its Mumbai region in June 2016. Three years later, in May 2019, the company opened its third availability zone in the region. It has expanded its services through edge locations (where end users access services located at AWS) in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata.