ANSR, Google to help enterprises transition to cloud-first strategy

ANSR, Google to help enterprises transition to cloud-first strategy
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12 Nov, 2020

Strategy consulting and implementation firm ANSR on Wednesday said that it has partnered with Google Cloud to help enterprises accelerate their cloud first strategies and build at-scale digital transformation capabilities.

Global Capability Centres (GCC), ANSR said, are a mainstream transformative strategy for global companies to leverage collaborative, distributed global teams.

“In fact, nearly 1,000 captives are now hosted in India, which represents 50% of the world’s GCCs. An estimated 150+ new ones are also expected to be set-up over the next two years as global businesses accelerate execution of strategic digital technology narratives to stay relevant,” a statement from ANSR said.

The partnership with Google Cloud will aid enterprises with their digital transformation agenda, with a focus on maturing GCCs competency narratives, the statement said.

ANSR will provide enterprise cloud enablement solutions on Google Cloud to its customers so they can build at scale. Existing customers will also be able to rapidly adopt the cloud as they look to digitally transform their infrastructure, application and data stack.

Founded in 2004, ANSR has established over 60 GCCs, aggregating to 65,000+ enterprise talent with more than $1.5 billion in investment and using over 7 million square feet of workspace.

“As companies are being challenged to reimagine their customer engagement strategies, product relevance and services excellence, GCCs continue to play a pivotal role in transforming business platforms. Our partnership with Google Cloud will now enable them to play an even more important role in scaling enterprise digital competencies and cloud capabilities,” Salil Punalekar, global head of business, corporate development and marketing at ANSR, said.

  The “collaboratory” will provide a secure sandbox environment to evaluate and adopt Google Cloud use cases for cloud transformation, application modernisation, infrastructure modernisation and deep analytics solutions, the statement added.

A collaboratory is a centre without walls, sans a physical location, where researchers interact, access instrumentation, share data and computational resources, as per a definition formulated by computer scientist William Wulf in 1989.