Google Cloud offers preview of serverless Database Migration Service

Google Cloud offers preview of serverless Database Migration Service
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Technology firm Google on Friday announced that its serverless Database Migration Service is available on preview. 

The solution is expected to help customers migrate their MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL server databases from on-premise environments to the Google Cloud SQL. 

According to a March 2020 Gartner study, 75% of all databases would be on a cloud platform by 2023. However, common migration tools are costly, hard to set up and are prone to errors, Google said in a statement. Additionally, they need provisions for migration compute resources, run into new complexities during migration and fail to guarantee data fidelity, the company said. 

The Mountain View, California-based firm said its serverless offering would eliminate the need to provision and pay for migration-specific resources, and provide native replication capabilities that can avoid incompatibility between source and destination, specifically for metadata operations. 

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“With Database Migration Service, we’re delivering a simplified and highly compatible product experience so that no matter where our customers are starting from, they have an easy and secure way to migrate their databases to Cloud SQL,” Andi Gutmans, general manager and vice president of engineering and databases at Google Cloud, said.

Google Cloud SQL, one of the fastest growing services on Google Cloud, would also provide integrations with Google Kubernetes Engine for development and Google’s enterprise data warehouse BigQuery for analytics. 

Additionally, the solution will protect sensitive data during migration through support from multiple secure and private connectivity configurations, the statement said. This is achieved by native database replication capabilities for compatibility and high fidelity, it said. 

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“We have seen an acceleration in migrations across the board, including a wave of customers leaving AWS for other cloud service providers. This makes it vital for providers like Google Cloud to provide tools to streamline these migrations,” John Santaferraro, research director for data and analytics at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a Colorado-based IT management and research firm, said.