Unichem Laboratories shifts to IceWarp’s all-in-one business collaboration suite

Unichem Laboratories shifts to IceWarp’s all-in-one business collaboration suite
Photo Credit: Pixabay
13 Nov, 2020

Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company Unichem Laboratories has adopted IceWarp’s all-in-one suite for email, messaging, and business collaboration.

The solution from the Prague based company serves as the alternative to Google Workspace and Office 365 and promises a full-fledged emailing solution, coupled with a whole new set of apps for tasks like cross-team communication, video conferences,  and storing data. IceWarp claims its solution is secure and easily accessible through a single login dashboard.

“At Unichem Laboratories, we have been on the lookout for organized and secure email and collaboration solution that meets our requirements. One of our partners suggested IceWarp to us and we never have been more satisfied with the latest email and collaboration solution, it is more cost-effective and efficient as compared to Microsoft Exchange,” Chetan Jain, Associate General Manager for IT at Unichem Laboratories, said in a statement. 

Prior to IceWarp, Unichem used a network email solution, which created the need for high-end security and control. 

The new suite solves that and also gives Unichem a single platform to integrate all business operations and collaborations between employees and stakeholders, ultimately allowing them to manage and streamline processing of products without altering other business activities. 

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“The cumulative growth of the list of our clientele has been acting as a constant reminder of us moving closer to our vision. We are elated to expand our partnership with Unichem Laboratories, one of India’s leading Pharmaceuticals Company. As a channel-driven company, our customers constantly remind us to invent and reinvent our technologies, our solutions to further thrive across the globe,” Pramod Sharda, IceWarp India CEO, said.