Infosys launches modernisation suite to help enterprises boost CX, cut costs

Infosys launches modernisation suite to help enterprises boost CX, cut costs
Photo Credit: Reuters
11 Dec, 2020

Information technology (IT) services major Infosys on Thursday launched a modernisation suite to help enterprises deliver improved customer experiences and faster time to market, and achieve cost reduction. 

The Infosys Modernization Suite is part of Infosys Cobalt, a set of solutions and services that  help enterprises accelerate their cloud journey.

The newly-launched suite of solutions comprises five integrated platforms that support multiple application modernisation patterns through a cloud native development platform, a cloud migration platform, a mainframe modernisation platform, a technology migration platform and a database migration platform, a statement said.

The suite, which offers over 40 services, will help organisations modernise their legacy systems, Shaji Mathew, executive vice president of Infosys, said. 

“Backed by experienced consultants, a rich talent pool, an extensive ecosystem of over 50 partners, and global modernisation implementations for over 600 customers, Infosys is able to successfully catalyse the modernisation journey for its clients,” he said.

In a recent study, the Bengaluru-based IT services firm said that legacy modernisation is one of the top barriers for digital transformation. 

The Infosys Modernization Suite, the statement said, will cut development efforts by up to 40%, bootstrap projects with integrated and automated end-to-end workflows to reduce time-to-market by 20-40%, and boosts productivity across the lifecycle to bring down modernisation costs by 15-30%. 

The suite is already being used by Kmart Australia and E.ON UK, the statement said. 

As part of Kmart Australia’s plan to rebuild or replace the mainframe applications, it virtualised the mainframe to run on the AWS Cloud and used the freed up capacity to modernise its core merchandising system. 

E.ON UK sought to modernise its legacy systems to support its newly-acquired customer base effectively while lowering costs, increasing speed of product releases and adding rich customer experience. “Infosys de-risked our modernisation journey by doing an early techno-commercial validation, bringing in the right partners through a single commercial interface and accelerating the time-to-market using their Infosys Modernization Suite,” Justin Miller, CTO of E.ON UK, said.