Amid tough competition, Oracle says cloud infra gaining ground among Indian ISVs

Amid tough competition, Oracle says cloud infra gaining ground among Indian ISVs
Photo Credit: Reuters

Austin headquartered Oracle on Monday said that several Indian independent software vendors are moving business critical applications to its cloud infrastructure. 

The company faces tough competition in the cloud space with players such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud among others. 

Some of the ISVs that the company has on boarded for OCI or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure include point of sale software provider GoFrugal, medical consulting firm Medexpert,  Call center solutions provider Ameyo, shipping and logistics provider Information Dynamics and other ISVs such as Jocata, IBSFINtech, Invensoft, TecWink and Quarkcube.IO. 

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Oracle, which has currently deployed two local cloud regions in Mumbai and Hyderabad, said that it provides enterprise service level agreements with security and capabilities for autonomous data management. 

“Many are running their cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) offerings on OCI have been able to significantly improve application performance and unlock more value for their customers,” Shailender Kumar, regional managing director, Oracle India, said. 

Compared to the leading global cloud services provider AWS, Oracle, on its website, claims its solutions cost 1/4th that of outbound bandwidth, two times better compute price performance, 44% lower compute costs for high performance computing needs and 20 times the AWS base input/output operations per second at half the price. 

Oracle also pointed out that in a recent IDC CloudPath survey, 86% of respondents said they expected investments in Oracle IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to increase in the future. 

The company hopes to tap into the growing adoption of subscription based services. 

SaaS is by far the largest component of India’s overall public cloud services market, according to IDC’s Covid-19 impact survey from June 2020, more than 56% of Indian organisations plan to increase expenditure on SaaS based solutions in the near future.