TCS launches Covid-19 testing and vaccine management suite

TCS launches Covid-19 testing and vaccine management suite
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4 Mar, 2021

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched a suite of testing and vaccine management tools to prevent technology issues that could slow down testing and disbursal of vaccinations.

Dubbed TCS COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Management Suite, the modular, easy-to-deploy solutions streamline end-to-end testing and vaccination journey, a statement said.

The vaccination programme is a complex process, involving multiple stakeholders from manufacturing to transportation, allocation to storage, distribution to scheduling, and reporting to monitoring. The company said the product suite aims to make this process more efficient to allow more individuals to get themselves tested and vaccinated, faster.

“TCS’ suite of COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Management solutions is built to enable transparency, ease of access, and equity that will collectively accelerate a return to normalcy,” Debashis Ghosh, business group head (life sciences, healthcare and public sector), TCS, said.

The solutions leverage artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain and internet of things (IoT) as well as TCS’ network of technology partners to bring efficiency to all five stages of the testing and vaccination journeys, including research and manufacturing, allocation and transportation, storage and distribution, scheduling and administration, and monitoring and re-opening.

It enables ecosystem participants at each of these stages to share critical information among themselves while complying with privacy and consent regulations. It also helps them scale their operations to allow communities to receive the required quantity of tests and vaccines, the statement said.

In the research and manufacturing phase, it acts as a drug development platform for life sciences companies to provide faster access to new vaccines. It helps with secure transfer of controlled pharmaceuticals with real-time track and trace, and temperature monitoring and addresses challenges with the vaccine supply chain, including demand planning, supply visibility, and cold-storage handling.

Powered by TCS PACE, the suite offers a digital ecosystem to provide faster access to vaccines, improves customer engagement and provides transparency to vaccine administration and scheduling. It supports transportation coordination, contactless experiences, and patient surveys. It also offers an interoperable analytics platform that provides a view of patients and their vaccinations.