Tech Mahindra launches ServiceNow business unit

Tech Mahindra launches ServiceNow business unit
Photo Credit: Reuters
7 Apr, 2021

Pune-based information technology (IT) services firm Tech Mahindra has announced the launch of a new ServiceNow business unit to accelerate the digital transformation needs of its customers.  

ServiceNow is a Santa Clara, California-based firm that provides a cloud computing platform for enterprises to manage digital workflows.  

The partnership, a statement said, will allow the companies to create value and scale for joint customers by prototyping and developing low code or no code applications through 5G, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and customer experiences.  

“We will continue to invest and scale our ServiceNow business unit to deliver the innovation productised by ServiceNow into the industries we serve. This business unit will unlock the promise of digital productivity,” Charu Kapur, global head (enterprise of future), Tech Mahindra, said. 

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The alliance is expected to identify industry specific opportunities in the areas of telecommunication, media and entertainment, and energy and utility to accelerate cross-industry adoption, the company said.  

Solutions available with ServiceNow includes an integrated platform for telecommunication providers that helps integrate legacy systems and AI/ ML tools, and a well plug and abandonment management tool that supports energy and utilities customers.  

A digital marketplace will also help enhance customer experience with an over the top layer, to help customers buy, use and care for digital services.  

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Tech Mahindra’s partnership with ServiceNow spans across eight years, with the former helping the latter with implementations and integrations through the ServiceNow Partner Program. The new dedicated business unit will help Tech Mahindra’s customers unify their capabilities across different verticals, according to the statement.