Tenable partners with HCL BigFix for vulnerability remediation

Tenable partners with HCL BigFix for vulnerability remediation
Photo Credit: 123RF.com
7 Apr, 2021

Maryland headquartered cybersecurity company Tenable has announced a strategic partnership with HCL BigFix to bring risk-based insights to vulnerability remediation to the market. The partnership includes integration between the on-premise vulnerability management product tenable.sc and HCL BigFix’s app, Insights for Vulnerability Remediation.

The integration will bring efficiency to the manual processes across security and IT operations teams. It will help organisations leverage Tenable’s predictive technology within HCL BigFix to identify and prioritise business-critical vulnerabilities, said a statement issued by the company.

“Many organizations try to tackle the vulnerability overload problem without the proper insight or workflows needed to ensure the most business-critical issues are addressed first. This leaves dangerous flaws unpatched for far too long,” Ray Komar, vice president of technical alliances, at Tenable said.

HCL BigFix is the company’s endpoint management platform that allows IT operations and security teams to automate discovery, management and remediation. HCL Technologies had acquired BigFix as part of a $1.8 billion deal with IBM to purchase its software assets in 2018.

“Enterprise customers often struggle with the sheer volume of reported vulnerabilities coupled with ineffective, manual prioritization schemes as well as limited resources. This results in lengthy time-to-remediation, errors and, in the end, big windows of risk," Kristin Hazlewood, vice president and general manager at HCL BigFix said.