TCS announces new partnerships to develop blockchain, RAN testing solutions

TCS announces new partnerships to develop blockchain, RAN testing solutions
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27 May, 2021

Mumbai headquartered information technology (IT) firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced new partnerships to develop blockchain and open radio access network testing solutions.

The company plans to create a blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean in collaboration with LACChain, a global Alliance led by the Innovation Lab of Washington DC based Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Lab).

As part of this engagement, TCS will work with the alliance to create a marketplace of blockchain solutions for implementation in healthcare, energy, education and financial services, it said in a statement.

The solutions would include decentralized vaccination distribution platforms, immunity passport for safe travel, solutions to enable collaboration between academics and companies and create a skills marketplace, and solutions to drive financial inclusion and adoption of renewable energy.

“Our purpose-led approach, powered by our investments in research and innovation, ability to successfully leverage ecosystems and harness contextual knowledge, makes us the preferred partner to Inter-American Development Bank, in creating a positive impact in our society,” said Anupam Singhal, business head for banking and financial services at TCS. “The partnership serves a greater purpose of social and economic development in the region,” he added.

Separately, TCS has teamed up with VIAVI Solutions, a global provider of network test, measurement and assurance solutions, to launch solutions that would ensure comprehensive testing of disaggregated 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) product implementations.

It has developed TM500 O-RU tester, TeraVM O-DU tester, a comprehensive Open RAN test portfolio, with the California-based company and is also working to expedite integration of its O-RAN conformance test with the 5G RAN products of various network technology companies. 

“As network disaggregation disrupts the 5G industry, we are committed to power the 5G innovation ecosystem to usher in O-RAN aligned products,” Charl Cilliers, vice president of engineering at VIAVI, said. “TCS’ deep domain expertise in 5G technologies augmented by its proven ability to execute complex end-to-end product engineering engagements has helped us deliver the industry-first O-RAN test product suite,” he added. 

Notably, TCS is a member of the O-RAN ALLIANCE, which is expanding the industry standards for open and disaggregated RAN to enable interoperability across the hardware and software RAN components and promote greater collaboration and co-innovation among 5G ecosystem players.