Saankhya Labs, Ligado Networks to develop next-gen satellite communication solutions

Saankhya Labs, Ligado Networks to develop next-gen satellite communication solutions
Photo Credit: Pixabay
22 Jun, 2021

Bengaluru based Saankhya Labs, which manufactures wireless communication and semiconductor solutions, on Monday announced an ecosystem partnership with American satcom (satellite communications) company Ligado Networks. 

Under the agreement, a statement said, the companies plan to develop next-generation satellite communication products.  

They will evaluate and define the adaptation of advanced mobile broadcast technologies for operation on Reston, Virginia based Ligado's satellite network. This will enable the integration of standards-based satellite connectivity for mobile broadcast and multicast services.  

The companies have already developed and deployed standards-based technologies to enable mobile broadcast services for inexpensive, mainstream devices. These services complement unicast connectivity, enabling new lanes for content delivery. 

"Our heritage in Satcom and extensive experience in standards-based mobile broadcast technology development perfectly align with Ligado's grand vision of delivering state-of-the-art mobile satellite content delivery services,” Saankhya Labs CEO Parag Naik said.  

“Together, we will help create and address newer and greater opportunities delivering unprecedented value to customers,” he added. 

Founded in 2006, Saankhya Labs started out as India’s first fabless semiconductor solutions provider and has grown its business in broadcasting and satellite communications on the back of its low-power Software Defined Radio (SDR) chipsets.  

The company’s range of solutions includes world's first production SDR, next gen open RAN (radio access network) solutions for 5G networks, multi-standard direct to mobile broadcast solutions, satellite phone, two-way MSS (mobile satellite service) terminals, and end-to-end communication platform for Satellite IoT applications.  

Saankhya’s offerings power satellite networks of strategic importance, including those operated by the Indian Space Research Organisation. It also enables real-time tracking of trains for Indian Railways and vessel tracking for maritime agencies.