TCS to leverage HERE’s location tech for fleet management solution DigiFleet

TCS to leverage HERE’s location tech for fleet management solution DigiFleet
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22 Jun, 2021

Dutch location technology solutions provider HERE Technologies has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to aid with the information technology (IT) services firm’s fleet solutions portfolio, dubbed TCS DigiFleet.

The move will see the IoT based SaaS suite get access to HERE’s real-time location-based services. HERE’S location services will enhance the fleet and freight management offering from TCS. Specifically, it is expected to provide customers with more up-to-date map visualization, real-time route optimisation, geocoding and end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Apart from the standard navigation and route assistance, HERE will also enable TCS with vehicle health management and last mile delivery for enterprises in automotive and the e-commerce sectors.

“Since location is at the heart of digital transformation, we are excited to be partnering with TCS, bringing with us our deep location expertise to empower the company.” said Mak Joshi, vice president sales at HERE Technologies.  

The enhanced solution will aid logistics and transportation companies in yard management by helping track assets in real-time, predict the impact of changing weather and monitor driver behaviour. All of this data is put to use to calculate accurate journey timings for route optimization.

As a result of this, transportation times can be reduced, while parameters of each trip such as fuel consumption, toll costs can be managed.  

“This partnership will help organizations leverage the TCS DigiFleet suite and HERE’s advanced location-based intelligence to enhance real-time decision making,” said Regu Ayyaswamy, global head of IoT and engineering and industrial services, TCS.

TCS DigiFleet utilises IoT, AI and machine learning to cater to fleet management needs. The IoT network helps to connect the fleet and related assets such as warehouses. AI/ML is utilised to crunch data and provide insights such as best routes, load composition and maintenance measures.