MyGate is changing the way we live in gated housing societies

MyGate is changing the way we live in gated housing societies
13 Jul, 2021

With the increasing advent of digitization, more work is being done through Apps and AI than humans. To stay ahead of our game, we need to let technology in. And MyGate is the result of one such digital revolution. It is India's No.1 App for housing societies. Currently being used by 20,000+ housing societies and 3 million+ homes to manage their daily affairs.

Information security is one of MyGate’s top priorities, which is why MyGate is ISO 27001 Certified, PDP (Personal Data Protection Bill) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, and takes its responsibility towards user information very seriously which means a user’s personal data is never compromised.

Smart features for a smarter living: - 

Visitor Management and how does it work?

Gone are the days of tedious, inaccurate register book systems where upon arrival each visitor needed to make an entry in a book while holding up the entire main gate. MyGate provides a technologically-sound Visitor management solution. Not only can residents pre-approve visitors but also verify unexpected visitors, which means their security is not just dependent on the guard, the resident has control over who he/she wants to allow in. This makes sure that entry is granted to authorized visitors only.

Additionally, the feature of passcode based invites and entries make sure that the probability of security lapse of any kind is practically zero.

Frequent Visitors

For people who come everyday to society like maids, cooks, drivers, milkmen, newspaper vendors, maintenance staff like sweepers, electricians, plumbers, gardeners and others, they all are given unique passcodes which they need to produce at the gate and the guard will verify their passcode by keying it in the guard app interface. The guard will get details of the person along with his/her pic and the flat(s) the person will be visiting. This makes sure that only valid and verified people are allowed inside the gate.

Pre-approved entry

As a resident, you can now pre-approve Deliveries or Guest entries which reduces congestion at the gate. This assumes that you are aware of visitors coming to your home and ensures that you are not disturbed when the visitor arrives at the gate.

Leave at Gate

This feature is especially useful when there is a delivery at the gate, and you are not at home or there are old parents or kids at home, and you do not want the delivery person to come to your doorstep. This feature is also useful in today’s COVID times where you do not want to come in close contact with an outsider.

Kids Checkout

This is a smart feature that ensures kids always require permission from their parents to leave the community. It addresses both planned and unplanned exits from the community.

Community Management and how does it work?

MyGate’s Community Management has a host of features that helps in smooth and convenient living experience for residents staying inside the gated societies.

Payments – Residents can pay monthly maintenance directly from the app. Also, tenants can pay their monthly rent to owners directly from the app. All payment modes are available with Zero convenience fee.

Helpdesk – Want to fix something at home or point out issues pertaining to society? The resident can raise a complaint and the person responsible will be notified of the same.

Local services – Need to hire a maid or cook or call the electrician to fix a faulty light in your home? You can get contact details from the app and also reviews of these service providers for better selection.

Amenities Booking – Residents can book slots for various amenities so that there is no confusion or wait time.

Noticeboard – Society management can send important notices and announcements using this feature. No more sticking of physical notice next to elevators or posting on society chat groups which can get missed by residents.

Communications – This is a very handy feature for residents to start a discussion thread or a poll. Even society management can use this feature to get opinions on new initiatives.

Accounting -  Societies can subscribe to the complete accounting solution suite for maintaining their accounts and payments. The suite is designed in a way that the person with no prior knowledge of accounting can use it easily. The tool is also auditor friendly. There is an auditor login provided wherein the auditor can login, export all possible reports at one click. This removes auditor dependency on Management committee or society accountants. There is a Smart Tally Integration feature that allows exporting 30+ reports including GST, Income-Expense and more.

COVID Protect

MyGate has developed CCMC (Comprehensive COVID Management for Communities), a set of features to help society better manage COVID. It includes Temperature and Mask Checks, Aarogya Setu Integration, Containment Zone Identification, Quarantine at home, Vaccination tracker and Emergency Contacts/Alerts.

MyGate Homes

A listing platform that allows residents to buy/sell the property.

Exclusives & Deals

MyGate has tied up with multiple big, small and home grown brands across various categories which are of use to every household. Exclusive deals and offers are available for residents of societies having MyGate.

Service excellence

• Every society that subscribes to MyGate gets dedicated Relationship Managers to address any queries and complaints at any point in time.

• 24*7 Customer support provided.

• Training of guards at Zero fees. MyGate takes complete ownership of training the guards through the life of the contract — anytime and any number of times.

Why MyGate

• Since its launch in 2016, MyGate has redefined living in gated communities. With its advanced smart features in providing the best framework for community management, it has become the rising industry leader in the market.

• With its user-friendly interface and user privacy with GDPR compliance, PDP and ISO 27001 certified, MyGate is being used and loved by millions of housing society residents across India.

Video: How MyGate Ensures Security and Simplifies Community Living

MyGate is available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can download the app and share your society details and the MyGate team will connect with your society management. You can even call on toll-free number 1800-123-2084 and book a free demo for your society. To read more about the app, log on to www.mygate.com

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