Volvo launches CampX in India to drive innovation in transportation sector

Volvo launches CampX in India to drive innovation in transportation sector
Photo Credit: Reuters
23 Jul, 2021

Volvo Group, the Swedish manufacturer of trucks, buses, and construction equipment, has launched its CampX initiative -- an innovation arena for technology and business transformation -- in the Indian market. 

The company has opened the CampX site in Bengaluru – its first outside of Sweden – and will use it to accelerate the speed of innovation across product segments and shape the future of transportation. 

As part of the initiative, Volvo Group will invite external partners, including customers, startups, suppliers, academia and authorities, to collaborate with Volvo Group experts working with new technologies and develop future-centric transport solutions. 

Most of the partners will be invited from within or around India, the group said. 

“The need for transportation is poised to grow in the future, but it also needs to be done in a sustainable way.  Volvo Group has made its 2040 Sustainability commitments clear – with an aim to move towards 100% fossil free, 100% safe, 100% more productive offerings.  

This future needs the deployment of new technologies, new business models as well as work-culture marked by intense collaboration. CampX will be a key driver in this future,” Kamal Bali, 

Volvo Group president and MD, said while commenting on the launch. 

At its Sweden-based CampX site, Volvo group has already gathered nearly 1000 technical and business experts to work on new projects related to automation, connectivity and electromobility. 

“We plan to replicate the same environment in Bengaluru and we invite partners to join us in shaping the future of the transport industry,” CR Vishwanath, vice president at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, said.