Infosys unveils new delivery model to accelerate project roadmaps

Infosys unveils new delivery model to accelerate project roadmaps
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29 Jul, 2021

Infosys on Wednesday unveiled a new set of enterprise agile DevOps capabilities that it said will help businesses strengthen customer centricity and innovation.  

Among the capabilities are a product-centric value delivery model and the data-centric live engineering approach that helps enterprises drive business value faster while being secure by design, according to a statement.  

With a product-centric value delivery model, Infosys said, enterprises can transform the way they develop and deliver products and services by reimagining customer journeys, with agile product teams bringing these to life.  

Through the data-centric live engineering approach enterprises can increase the speed of outcomes by using the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to generate persona-based actionable insights.   

According to an in-house study at the Bengaluru based software major, 74% of C-suite and IT executives, across the United States and Europe, invest their money in product management, underlining it as a key business priority.  

DevSecOps, the study added, emerged as a top area of investment among CIOs to ensure faster business decisions through AI and machine learning-driven (ML) customer insights.  

The research also revealed that companies who implemented seven agile levers reported a 63% higher chance of growth, ahead of their peers. The agile levers are customer insights to strengthen customer journeys, organizing teams around the customer, collaboration across functional boundaries, instituting self-organized teams, upskilling the workforce, using Agile workspaces and collaboration platforms for remote working.   

The study titled ‘For the Agile Radar 2021: Drive Business Value. Faster’ surveyed 1,000 business and IT executives across seven industries and seven regions.  

Also in the statement, as a client testimonial, were Sygenta Group’s head of ERP and data and analytics Christian Bayer. "We have reduced business disruptions by half, with service requests being delivered 80 percent faster, turnaround time improved by 45 percent, and all this with 33 percent cost reduction in the first year.”