Wipro partners with DataRobot to provide solutions in augmented intelligence

Wipro partners with DataRobot to provide solutions in augmented intelligence
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Bengaluru-based global IT giant Wipro has announced that it will co-develop solutions in augmented intelligence with Boston, Massachusetts-based AI solutions provider DataRobot.

Augmented intelligence can be defined as a design pattern that combines people and artificial intelligence working in tandem to help humans (in this case enterprises) with better cognition in the areas of decision making and learning.

DataRobot provides an augmented intelligence platform and Wipro said that it will utilise its skills in enterprise AI and combine DataRobot’s offerings to provide clients with AI-led intelligence in businesses. 

“Our approach is to simplify AI deployment in enterprises using a democratised methodology and utilising diverse skill sets to collaborate with our technology partners along with our Wipro Holmes AI platform,” Harish Dwarkanhalli, president - Applications & Data, iDEAS, at Wipro, said.

Wipro’s iDEAS is one of the company’s two new business lines that stands for Integrated Digital, Engineering and Application services.

Its other business line is the iCORE that handles cloud infrastructure, digital operations and cyber security services.

Founded in 2012, DataRobot provides an AI platform for end-to-end automation for building, deploying and managing machine learning models.

A recent report by global valuation and transaction advisory firm RBSA advisors said that AI is expected to contribute as much as $90 billion to the Indian economy by 2025.

The report also said that the Indian adoption of machine intelligence was higher with an increase of 45%, while economies such as the US, UK and Japan saw an adoption surge of 35%, 23% and 28% respectively.