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Episode 3: '#MINTBUILDBUSINESS' Leadership Connect series with Harit Nagpal, Tata Sky, Puneet Chandok, AWS India & South Asia and Jaideep Mehta

In the third episode of '#MINTBUILDBUSINESS' Leadership Connect series, Jaideep Mehta, CEO of Mosaic Digital, talks with Harit Nagpal, Managing Director and CEO at Tata Sky and Puneet Chandok, President, AWS India and South Asia — how the last 1.5 years has been for Tata Sky, what has been the adjustments to strategy, how the company, kept itself going and thriving through this process, and how Vedantu is creating a platform out of Tata Sky, rather than just a DTH service.  

Given the sea change in the ecosystem in which organisations are operating today, the top agenda across leadership is to build resilient businesses. Broadcast solutions on the cloud are a technological reality. AWS is broadcasting or helping to broadcast over 1600 channels worldwide. And this is creating a whole different paradigm of competition for profitability. What is AWS's involvement in this transformation journey for your customers?  

Said Harit Nagpal, “Progress we made on automation on self-help covered 3 years of progress in 1 year. We are into a business of Content Distribution. We discover, decide, package & deliver what our customers want. "Said Puneet Chandok, "3 big shifts— Shift towards digital media and change in consumption patterns, customers' willingness to pay, and India will have roughly a billion screens by 2025."  

In the context of the Role of Platform. Digital platforms is one of the five pillars of business transformation that helps to build partnerships. Jaideep further asked the importance of leadership and culture when driving innovation and managing disruption at this scale.

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