EnableX launches no-code tool to help enterprises create video meeting apps

EnableX launches no-code tool to help enterprises create video meeting apps
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Singapore based CpaaS (communications platform as a service) solutions provider EnableX, which has offices in India, on Thursday released a new tool for enterprises to build custom video communication apps.  

Called the EnableX App Visual Builder, the solution will have a no-code approach to app building.   

The platform has pre-existing entities that can be dragged and dropped according to necessary parameters to build a native communications app. 

"Businesses aim to offer unique, branded and use-case specific solutions to their customers without sacrificing time, cost of development or being constrained with limited pre-built UI,” Pankaj Gupta, CEO & Founder, EnableX, said.

As mentioned, the tool will assist software developers without prior video coding experience with the option of pre-built user interface (UI) templates for easy integrations into apps and browsers. However, software developers will also have the option of writing additional code if they want deeper customization.  

The tool will provide pre-built needs such as video conferencing size (with support for 100 users per call), video grids, communication, collaborative features, design and layouts. 

 “This is a huge step forward especially in enabling developers and businesses who are often juggling to bridge the gap between visual design and coding,” added Gupta. 

Some of the features that will be available are akin to many of the offerings of well know video conferencing apps. These features include host controls, cloud recording, breakout rooms, live streaming, call analytics, background blur and more.  

The app will allow for communications through the internet and also through public switched telephone networks (PTSN). It will also be available on multiple platforms and devices, the company said. 

Additionally, powered by EnableX secure and global network, video communications can be done over the internet and through PSTN allowing communication to be anywhere and anyone. The solution works on both mobile and desktop, providing a multi-device experience.