Over 40 million pre-registrations for PUBG: New State

Over 40 million pre-registrations for PUBG: New State
Photo Credit: 123RF.com
16 Sep, 2021

South Korean gaming firm Krafton has announced that it has received more than 40 million pre-registrations for its upcoming battle royale title -- PUBG: New State. 

The company said it achieved the milestone on Google Play and Apple’s App Store following the second successful alpha test in 28 countries. It had announced the game in February and opened pre-registrations in India on September 1, further driving the interest in the title. 

“We’ve been able to achieve this level of success because of fan enthusiasm globally and their belief in PUBG Studios work,” Minkyu Park, executive Producer of PUBG: NEW STATE, said in a statement.  

“We’re now focused on taking the valuable feedback we received during PUBG: NEW STATE’s Second Alpha Test and polishing the game before its official launch later this year. We are devoting all our resources to ensuring PUBG: NEW STATE meets the expectations of our fans, both in terms of entertainment and stability.” 

The company said it will reveal the official launch date of the game in October. 

Going by reports, PUBG: New State will be a free-to-play title set in 2051. It will build on the experience of PUBG Mobile with a futuristic touch. There will be new maps, weapons, and vehicles, making up what Krafton says would be the most realistic battle royale game on mobile. 

New State will be the second battle royale title from Krafton in the Indian market. The first was PUBG Mobile, which was banned by the Indian government last year and relaunched as BGMI a few months ago. BGMI brings tweaks such as green blood on the top of the original PUBG experience and has seen over 50 million downloads. It recently launched on iOS too. 

Krafton has been investing heavily in the gaming ecosystem of India. So far, it has invested a total of $70 million to back Indian esports company NODWIN Gaming, game streaming platform Loco, and web novel platform Pratilipi.