Tata Communications to provide ethernet solutions with pay-as-you-use model

Tata Communications to provide ethernet solutions with pay-as-you-use model
Photo Credit: Reuters

Mumbai based telecom solutions giant, Tata Communications, will now offer its Ethernet services in a SaaS model.  

Calling it the ‘Bandwidth-on-demand(BoD)’ Tata Communications said that the pay for what you use model will help enterprises self-provision additional capacity as per needs, in order to meet short term bandwidth needs.  The model is expected to provide Ethernet users with flexibility, and cost-efficiency. 

“The pay-as-you-go network feature will empower enterprises who are increasingly facing fluctuating short-term bandwidth needs to manage their application’s performance,” said  Kapil Kumar Jain, Vice President - Core and Next Gen Connectivity Services, Tata Communications. 

 BoD will help customers to manage and scale Data Center (DC) connectivity.  It will be a part of Tata Communications’ DC ecosystem infrastructure, providing extended coverage across DC clusters in India. 

The model is targeted at IT, ITeS and service sectors where fluctuating capacities are needed to handle cloud backups and data replication needs. Similarly, TCL will also focus on the BFSI for their data migrations and back-ups, and on the e-commerce side, where sudden higher bandwidths are needed for big sales campaigns.   

Last week, TCL, along with Malaysian telecom player TeleKom Malaysia Berhad, announced that they will be enhancing internet connectivity in the ASEAN region. 

The collaboration is expected to enable service providers, ISPs, MNO’s in the region with access to the high-end tier-1 IP network.  With the deal, Telekom Malaysia will be able to serve customers in 190 countries and territories. 

The agreement will allow for TCL to optimize Telekom Malaysia’s reachability in the ASEAN region through submarine cables and terrestrial networks in neighbouring countries.