Toppr to use Google’s voice feature to resolve students' doubts

Toppr to use Google’s voice feature to resolve students' doubts
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Mumbai-based online K12 after-school learning platform Toppr has partnered with Google Assistant to resolve students' doubts, along with learning concepts through voice search. 

With this new feature, Toppr will utilise Google’s voice command feature and provide easy access to Toppr Answr, a doubt solving platform that can answer over 1.6 million queries to students.  

Toppr Answr will consist of topic-wise videos, stories, concept cards and short 5-minute learning posts, among others.  

“Considering that the Google Assistant is on most android devices, it was a natural fit for us. Toppr Answr already has over 90 million sessions per month on app and web. With Google Assistant, it has become more accessible,” Rahul Shetty, VP Product, Toppr, said.

Toppr added that the feature has already been rolled out for Google Assistant compatible devices in India.  

Apart from the standard “Ok Google” command, students can follow up with Talk to Toppr Answr/Ask Toppr Answr/Speak with Toppr Answr and then shoot their questions.  

Toppr Answr currently has about 35 million monthly active users.

The platform provides short guides, learning videos, concept stories, shortcuts and tricks, among others.  

Toppr said that the company is working on integrating these features on Google Assistant and make voice channels more mainstream.  

The startup, founded in 2013 by Hemanth Goteti and Zishaan Hayath, targets students of classes 5 to 12.

The platform utilises AI-ML algorithms to personalise content.

It currently has over 20 million students utilising the platform with programs for engineering, medical and commerce entrance exams covering 22 school boards.  

In July this year, the company was acquired by edtech giant Byju’s for an undisclosed sum.