Eka rolls out environmental, social and governance solution for enterprises

Eka rolls out environmental, social and governance solution for enterprises

Bengaluru-based commodity management solutions provider Eka Software has launched a new environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting solution, which will run on its own proprietary cloud platform.   

The ESG solution is expected to help clients in their relationships with the environment, community and economy.  

Enterprises today have specialised chief sustainability officers who are looking for ways to measure the overall impact of different practices on profitability, shareholder values and environmental, social and human capital.

“ESG regulations, requirements and guidelines are helping guide companies on the path to becoming better corporates. The Eka Sustainability and ESG Reporting Solution will enable companies to more closely monitor and report on their performance relative to those metrics,” said Shuchi Nijhawan, Eka’s ESG and Sustainability Head.

The ESG solution by Eka will be highly configurable and will enable companies across sectors to measure and report against relevant industry standards, regulations and guidelines.  

The solution can be utilized standalone or can be integrated into existing tech-infrastructures that powers other business functions.   

More specifically, the solution will help with visualisation of ethical sourcing and carbon emissions, ensure sustainable supplier relationships and regulatory compliance, and lay foundations for ethical recruitment and worker engagement.   

The applications on offer will include tools for training programs, incident captures, legal proceedings and course correction measures. Additionally, custom dashboards to measure sustainability, collaboration tools to digitally connect the business network will be a part of the solution.   

“With the launch of Eka Sustainability and ESG reporting solution we are empowering enterprises with their sustainability disclosures and helping them address opportunities and risks that affect their operations, and most importantly their reputation,” said Manav Garg, founder and CEO of Eka.