Honeywell offers design-in-India solutions for global markets

Honeywell offers design-in-India solutions for global markets
Photo Credit: Pixabay
11 Nov, 2021

Tech platform Honeywell has announced the rollout of its Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), delivering new process automation functionality for end users.  

Experion PKS Release 520.1 (R520.1) lays the foundation for Experion PKS Highly Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE), Honeywell’s next-generation control technology. 

“The solution development and testing had significant contribution from the India team at Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS), the engineering and technology development arm of Honeywell,” said Praveen Shetty, Senior Director, Engineering for Performance Materials and Technologies, HTS. 

Honeywell in its official statement claims that Experion PKS HIVE enables automation projects to be deployed in a more flexible and resilient manner by decoupling control system elements that are traditionally engineered, configured and deployed in a hierarchal manner.  

In turn, the standardisation and optimisation of projects is enabled, while simplifying lifecycle and support management.

The modular flexibility of the R520.1 allows Experion PKS HIVE to scale to fit any size of automation project. This can reduce the time, cost and impact of late changes associated with project design, delivery and implementation, as per the company's release.  

“The R520.1 solution can be implemented seamlessly and incrementally across a customer’s current installed base, leveraging existing investments,” said Jason Urso, Chief Technology Officer, Honeywell Process Solutions.  

“It delivers higher levels of system resiliency and availability while reducing the overall cost of automation projects.” 

Honeywell claims that the Experion PKS R520.1 introduces several Experion Batch features including the capability to host batch history directly on the Experion server and a new reporting tool that allows process engineers to easily create and manage reports.  

The solution also features electronic work instructions that allow users to digitise processes, reduce operator entry error, increase data integrity and feed into the electronic batch record, as per the company.