Motorola conceives lab for next-gen technology

Motorola conceives lab for next-gen technology
12 Nov, 2021

Motorola Inc has come up with 'Motorola 312 Labs', which it claims to be a newly chartered internal innovation group comprising global research, design and engineering experts focused on first-of-its-kind product development.

This innovation group will explore the unknown through research, ideation, conceptualising and prototyping to usher in radically different mobile solutions and technologies in future.

“Motorola 312 Labs is uniquely positioned as its mission is to explore the unknown but with a research team that has the expertise to turn a conceptual idea into a reality,” said Dan Dery, Motorola Vice President of Product,

“One of our expertise is understanding the needs of customers, because what’s the point of a breakthrough if it doesn’t mean anything to people? That’s a key focus area for Motorola 312 Labs as it looks to the future of mobile technology.”

Looking ahead, Motorola 312 Labs is focused on a few key research areas including the connected ecosystem of the future, metaverse evolution, exploring new and unique mobile form factors and wearables, advancing displays, and AR and VR technologies.