IIITB presents use cases for differently abled and e-learning at Bengaluru Tech Summit

IIITB presents use cases for differently abled and e-learning at Bengaluru Tech Summit
Photo Credit: Pixabay
19 Nov, 2021

Bionic rehabilitation, and eight other innovations were showcased by the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIITB) at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021. 

IITB, which is a registered not for profit society funded by the government and the IT industry saw its faculty and students present 10 innovative projects around assistive technologies to improve accessibility for the differently-abled, AI based surveillance assistance and online learning, among others. 

“It is a vision of societal betterment that drives our faculty and students to research and design innovative contributions that impact society and the world of entrepreneurship,” said Professor Debabrata Das, Director, IIITB. 

The Bionic Yatra is one such innovation that supports individuals with spinal cord injury. The physiotherapy tool supports exoskeleton assisted walking, with prototypes currently undergoing clinical trials at Nimhans hospital in Bengaluru. 

Another innovation is an automated interview coach that prepares students from Karnataka for administrative services and interviews post their entrance exams. The lab, through startup Deep Vision Tech, is also working on sign language interpretation, by converting speech inputs from individuals into animated signs. 

For the visually impaired to learn Stem based subjects, a solution that extracts data from diagrams and creates tactile diagrams was showcased. 

While the above-mentioned projects were led by professors, the students showcased five types of solutions. These include a Canvas Board that unified all online tools for teaching into one. 

CircuitVerse, an open-source platform that allows users to design logic circuits was also showcased, while an AI based CCTV surveillance system Sahasraaksha, utilised deep learning to detect faces, vehicles and objects of interest as defined by the user.