Sonu Nigam rolls out NFT series for songs, images in alliance with JetSynthesys

Sonu Nigam rolls out NFT series for songs, images in alliance with JetSynthesys
Photo Credit: Pixabay
19 Nov, 2021

Artist Sonu Nigam has roped in JetSynthesys to launch an NFT series on his songs and unseen moments from his journey as a musician.

The NFTs will include the singer’s first English song, ‘hall of fame’ along with a collection of unpublished images.

It also includes lyrics of some of the popular songs that he had jotted down in his diary. 

The NFT series was officially rolled out in London by Nigam and Jetsynthesys CEO Rajan Navani. 

“I feel blessed to bring this journey forth through the newest digital art form, advanced NFTs, which I believe is the evolution of the music industry across the globe,” Nigam said at the launch. 

“With tokenisation of digital art becoming a global phenomenon, especially in gaming and global pop culture, including global music, Indian music couldn't stay far behind,” Navani added. 

JetSynthesys is the official India partner of Warner Music Group (WMG) and handles music label licensing and acquisition, artist management, event management, and original content creation in music, short videos, films, mobile gaming, and eSports for the US-based company. 

Founded in 2021, the company gained prominence with a mobile cricket game called Sachin Saga Cricket Champions. 

The NFT series for Nigam was developed by the JetSynthesys’ global digital publishing arm Jet Media Network while the tracks were conceptualised and produced by the digital entertainment arm, Global Music Junction. 

Jet Media Network had recently raised $ 2.5 million in funding, led by Los Angeles Media Fund.

Like most other sectors, the NFT fad has gripped the music industry too. In March rock band King of Leon had generated over $2million from NFT sales of their new album 'When You See Yourself'.

More recently, rapper Post Malone also promoted an NFT project by buying NFTs from Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), one of the biggest NFT collections in the World. 

In India, several Bollywood actors including Amitabh Bachchan released NFTs of their celebrated work.

According to JetSynthesys, Nigam’s NFT is the first in the Indian music industry. 

NFTs are digital tokens mostly stored on Ethereum Blockchain. Unlike cryptos that can be traded with another similar unit, NFTs are unique and non-replicable. They can be purchased with crypto payments or traded with another but different NFT.