Qualcomm makes Snapdragon a standalone brand, ends three-digit naming strategy

Qualcomm makes Snapdragon a standalone brand, ends three-digit naming strategy
Photo Credit: Pixabay
23 Nov, 2021

Chipset manufacturer Qualcomm has said that its Snapdragon processors will now operate as a standalone brand starting from today. 

Alongside this, Snapdragon processors will no longer bear a specific 5G moniker – as all Snapdragon products will be 5G integrated by default.  

Processors from Qualcomm will also no longer use the three-digit naming strategy it has so far carried – negating all industry reports that were expecting Snapdragon 898 to be the next generation flagship SoC. 

The move comes as Qualcomm claims that Snapdragon processors now power more than 2 billion devices worldwide.  

To distinguish the two brands separately, Qualcomm will also use new colours for its branding exercises, which will not have any particular effect on the products themselves.

The announcement also makes 5G a ubiquitous feature across all of its products. This means that by default, 5G connectivity will be present across all Snapdragon products. If this applies to budget segment Snapdragon SoCs, such a move would mean that budget devices powered by Snapdragon chips would also have 5G connectivity. 

The new branding exercise will start with the flagship 8 series SoC under the Snapdragon series, and will be marked with a single digit naming system as well as generations being marked on the products.

Finally, Qualcomm also states that all of its chipsets powering automotive platforms will carry the Snapdragon branding. As a result, the erstwhile Qualcomm Digital Chassis will be known as Snapdragon Digital Chassis moving forward – and other auto platforms from the company will follow suit. 

Snapdragon will continue to remain wholly owned by Qualcomm, which states that its tie-ups with the latter in terms of product branding will remain “where appropriate.”