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'#MINTBUILDBUSINESS' Leadership Connect series with Vipul Khanna, Firstsource, Puneet Chandok, AWS, and Jaideep Mehta, Mosaic Digital


In the fourth episode of '#MINTBUILDBUSINESS' Leadership Connect series, Vipul Khanna, Managing Director & CEO,  Firstsource conversed with Puneet Chandok, President, AWS India and South Asia and Jaideep Mehta, CEO, Mosaic Digital, Head-Mint on  what Digital First, Digital Now means, how it resonates with what they are experiencing at Firstsource, and how Firstsource is translating it into capabilities and offerings. 

Given the sea change in the ecosystem in which organizations  operate, the top agenda across culture & leadership today, is to drive resilient business transformation. Digital Now is an urgency across multiple fronts, and a year’s delay in adopting rapidly maturing technology could haunt a firm for the next 5 years. With the immense growth in online transactions, the BPO business is changing from "Run" to "Design & Run," creating a whole different paradigm of competition for profitability. 
Said Vipul Khanna, “For us, digital services = 'Design' our client's operations with right blend of Tech & human skills 'Run’ and rinse repeat. Outcome delivery = codify human skills into platforms. Shifting from BPO to BPaaS (Business Process as-a-service), and refresh internal processes, ensuring they are digital enough". 
Said Puneet Chandok, "Agility = Customer Delight ≠ Customer Retention”. Amazon’s Day 1 Culture = Customer obsession, Experiments & innovation, High velocity decision making approach" . 


In the context of the Digital First, Digital Now strategy, where digital is a question of survival now, Jaideep further elucidated that the need to adopt to technology, cloud and being digital is all pervasive across any and every possible sector today.

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