E-commerce Excels in Call Centre Customer Service: Report

E-commerce Excels in Call Centre Customer Service: Report
Photo Credit: Reuters
20 Dec, 2021

E-commerce notches up in parameters including pick up time, queue time and abandonment time while providing Call Centre Customer Service, said a report by Ozonetel. Implementation of hi-tech contact, centre solutions have paved the way for enhanced customer satisfaction and experience across verticals.     

On-demand cloud communication/telephony solution has offered abundant ease to high demand contact centres. The convenience of plug and play solutions with reduced or zero set up cost and uninterrupted customer service has addressed well the high demand traffic of contact centres, the report claimed.  

A cloud contact centre runs on the internet enabling communications from virtually everywhere including voice, web, email, social media among others.  

Areas such as improving average time in queue; or an agent’s speed of answering a call; or call abandoning can be addressed by bringing in IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) integration.    

“Given the challenging atmosphere of 2021, brands had to work really hard to ensure client satisfaction. The sectors that are doing well under different parameters, are the ones adapting to technological advancements quickly and creating omnichannel touchpoints,” Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Innovation Officer, Ozonetel said in a statement.  

According to the report, this year, even during the second wave of Covid-19, the call centres were more prepared and equipped to handle the sudden surge in demand. The stability of the overall average pick up time by the call centre, indicates the consistent availability of agents at all times.

The other trending technologies which are used in a contact centre include Conversational AI, Workforce Management, Reporting and Analytics, IVR and CTI.  

AI and Conversational AI: also called customer engagement AI or chatbots help the computer understand multiple human languages and gives a response accordingly. When a user submits a query over phone or online and the system comprehends the query and tries to respond the most natural way.  

Workforce Management: This software is used to improve employee productivity by streamlining schedules, predicting customer behaviour, balancing workloads among others.

Reporting and Analytics: It is a monitoring tool with which one can assess where an individual, team or department has scope for improvement.  

CTI: This enables computers to interact with communication mediums like texting, social media and live chats and the phone system.  

IVR: This is an automated phone system which interacts with callers and gathers insights by giving them options trough a menu.