Protean taps Pediatrics body to bring prompt treatment to areas with healthcare woes

Protean taps Pediatrics body to bring prompt treatment to areas with healthcare woes
Photo Credit: Pixabay
21 Dec, 2021

Protean Technologies (formerly NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure) has partnered with Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) to launch a healthcare solution called Protean Clinic, that will be made available to 35,000 pediatricians associated with IAP, along with other OPD clinics, across the country. 

Protean said the new clinic will leverage the partnership with IAP to provide high tech devices to thousands of health workers across India. This would help OPD clinics to offer at-home services like remote physical examinations, wellness visits, rapid diagnostics and monitoring to people in areas with poor health coverage. 

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The clinic will also provide specialised services for diagnosis, prevention, and management of chronic diseases. 

OPD clinics that sign up for the solution will be provided with a Protean's SMART clinics certification, which they can use for promotion in their neighbourhood. 

The objective of the clinic is to connect more health practitioners to the National Digital Health Mission and address India's lack of accurate epidemiology data, which will go a long way in framing health policy and improving public health standards. 

According to Protean, late or incorrect diagnosis and shortage of specialists and specialised services in healthcare is rampant in India and has deprived millions of Indians of proper treatment.   

"Our country faces the task of rapidly upgrading its OPD clinic capabilities to diagnose early and treat locally under specialist advice and with specialized technology-enabled services," Suresh Sethi, Managing Director and CEO of Protean said in a statement. 

Sethi said, our latest venture aims to provide better primary healthcare facilities to all Indians on the back of strong technology infrastructure. 

Protean has been instrumental in building digital public infrastructure and providing e-governance solutions to various ministries and autonomous bodies.   Indian Academy of Pediatrics is an association dedicated to the health and well-being of children.