NetApp helps Narayana Health deploy cloud-based patient record systems

NetApp helps Narayana Health deploy cloud-based patient record systems
Photo Credit: Pixabay
23 Dec, 2021

Narayana Health has selected NetApp to modernise its IT systems and satisfy the new demands of healthcare management. NetApp will help Narayana Health to optimise storage and data management efficiencies across locations thereby, helping advance medical care in India.    

With this collaboration, Narayana Health unveiled Athma — a homegrown records management system that allows the company to manage its data securely and efficiently while taking advantage of NetApp solutions.    

The hospital group was facing a challenge in accessing patient records to facilitate faster diagnosis and shorter response times. By deploying NetApp’s solutions, Narayana Health is now able to store and process patient records and images. The resulting system, Athma, captures, stores, and retrieves networks across 15 sites. The system enables medical staff and patients to access their entire medical history in a few seconds.  

Ramu Manjunath, core infrastructure head, Narayana Health, said, “NetApp comes with a unique approach to data management. It offered simple and easy infrastructure management solutions to our engineers. The whole shift to NetApp was fairly simple and seamless from implementation, architectural, and support standpoints.”  

“With Athma, patients have the complete continuity of their entire medical history. Their history is available in our system and can be pulled in a few seconds, so the doctors can review and take a call rather than going back and forth finding records or reinvesting in investigations,” he added.  

The centralised storage system for data and applications is built on NetApp and made available on the cloud. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP software makes storage easy to manage. Two fully replicated data centres, one in central India and the other in south India, are running backup and recovery using Azure NetApp Files and NetApp file services. The system provides clinical staff with critical and timely insights that further enable them to extend better care to patients.    

Puneet Gupta, managing director and vice president, India/SAARC, NetApp India Marketing and Services, stated, “For the new-age medical care providers, accessibility to data and healthcare records is of prime importance today. With our legacy and experience in data management and core technology offerings, we are happy to contribute to the changing healthcare landscape in India.”