Samsung to tap NFT in its latest micro-LED, Neo QLED TVs

Samsung to tap NFT in its latest micro-LED, Neo QLED TVs
3 Jan, 2022

Samsung has said it will introduce a non-fungible token (NFT) platform with a marketplace aggregator in its new line-up of Micro LED and Neo QLED and The Frame TVs, allowing users to discover, buy and trade NFTs from their TV units. 

"This (NFT platform) application features an intuitive, integrated platform for discovering, purchasing and trading digital artwork through MICRO LED, Neo QLED and The Frame," the South Korean company said in a statement.  

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The NFT platform will also provide information on its history and blockchain metadata to help users decide on informed buy. 

This also makes Samsung the first company in the TV segment to tap into the NFT craze and launch a platform for it.  

Interest in NFTs skyrocketed in the last few months. According to web3 analytics platform, DappRadar, the volume of NFTs traded in Q3 2021 reached $10.67 billion, growing sequentially at 704%.  

Samsung has also launched new TV models in the Micro LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle TV series, which are likely to be showcased at the three-day Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, which starts on 5 January in Las Vegas as an in-person and virtual event. 

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Though several tech companies including Google, Lenovo and Meta have pulled out of the in-person event amid  surge of Covid-19's Omicron variant, Samsung has not announced any change of plans yet and is likely to be a part of the in-person event. NVIDIA also pulled out but will participate in the event virtually.  

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Samsung's micro LED TVs are made of 25 million micrometre-sized LEDs that light up to offer an improved viewing experience. Models in this category will be available in three screen sizes- 110-inch, 101-inch and 89-inch. 

The Neo QLED TVs will be powered by something called Neo Quantum Processor that would boost brightness level from 12 to 14-bit gradation.  The Lifestyle lineup includes three TV models- The Frame, The Serif and The Sero. All three models offer a matte finish on the screen.