IdeaForge to provide microlearning to its drone pilots through Rapl

IdeaForge to provide microlearning to its drone pilots through Rapl
4 Jan, 2022

Mumbai-based drone manufacturer IdeaForge has started to offer microlearning capabilities to its drone pilots through onboarding Rapl, a Bengaluru-based microlearning platform. 

Rapl is expected to provide IdeaForge’s pilots with safer and effective drone operation capabilities.   

The platform will provide pilots with a convenient learning mechanism which will make the skills more secure from inadvertent errors.   

“Building on this, we are introducing a microlearning platform for our customers, especially pilots, to train via micro “bite” sized learning that is engaging (gamified, scenario based) and simple to use, is personalised and adaptive.” said Vishal Saxena, VP of Business, IdeaForge. 

IdeaForge currently has over 3,000 pilots operating its drones across India, who have completed about 200,000 successful missions.   

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The training will build on the training provided to the pilots pre-induction, with a focus on weak areas and avoiding concepts in which they are confident, thereby focusing more on optimising learning on the areas that are most necessary. 

“This will inculcate a continuous learning culture which is further amplified with actionable analytics which will help IdeaForge recommend appropriate interventions to these pilots,” added Saxena.   

Rapl was piloted for the past three months, with IdeaForge claiming it was successful and now has been rolled out to all the pilots.   

IdeaForge claims a market share of more than 90% in the security and surveillance segment for drones. The company has been approved under the Ministry of Defence for manufacturing unmanned Aerial Vehicles.