Tezos India to offer basic blockchain course with The Blockchain School

Tezos India to offer basic blockchain course with The Blockchain School
12 Jan, 2022

Tezos India has partnered with edtech firm ‘The Blockchain School’ to offer a free course on blockchain on the latter’s platform. Titled ‘Tezos 101- Fundamentals & Framework’, the course is developed by both the partners and will be catering to students, developers, entrepreneurs, product folks and crypto and other blockchain enthusiasts. As a part of this collaboration, Tezos India’s course will be having 10 video classes.

Tezos India is an open-source platform that addresses key barriers facing blockchain adoption for assets and applications backed by a global community of validators, researchers, and builders. The Tezos 101 course will delve into creating an understanding of the fundamentals, mechanism, smart contracts, banking and delegating on Tezos, etc.  

Poorvi Sachar, Operations Head, Tezos India said, “With the confluence of our visions, we are partnering over the long term with each other, especially involving training and other developer adoption activities. At Tezos India, we are continuously creating a lot of content in-house with the help of our expert developers and fellows.”  

Recently, Gurukula Kangri University has also announced its partnership with WazirX to provide a course on Blockchain technology.  

The announcement comes close on the heels of Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing the launch of a blockchain-based digital degree initiative at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur.