The New Intel vPro® Gives Small Businesses the IT Solutions They Can Grow With

The New Intel vPro® Gives Small Businesses the IT Solutions They Can Grow With

The small business market is a very fragmented marketplace. Mere consumer devices are not enough for them. They need robust devices that allow them to collaborate, multitask, perform, protect assets, and do the same for remote workforces. 77% of employees believe that business-class PCs are the right match to keep pace with the demand of small businesses. The reason is: that over 70% of digitally-enabled SMBs are working hybrid. As this arrangement becomes a catalyst for designing the computing system, it becomes imperative to deliver improved security performance & manageability. 

The 4 IT Challenges That Every Small Business Needs to Address

Providing for cybersecurity on shoe string budgets 


Along with business disruption, the coronavirus pandemic has brought an increase in cyberattacks. The cost of these breaches can reach into the millions and, with 99% of all companies comprising small businesses, many will be overcome and driven out of business by such activity. Further small businesses often have limited budgets for expenses such as IT because it is hard for some business owners to visualise the financial return from their investment in this area. 

PC fleet management and predictability: 

With the proliferation of the hybrid work model, supporting mobile, distributed workforces, adopting new technologies that reduce cost, and improving collaboration across the organization is now table stakes. However in the race to launch modernization initiatives, leaders often overlook the installed PC base, which is core to hybrid collaboration. Without a doubt, the biggest IT obstacle in hybrid workplaces is reducing PC fleet complexity and increasing system reliability.


Redefining productivity in the new world:- 

While the business metric of measuring productivity continue to be the same, a measure of time, deliverables, and revenue, it also includes employees and their personal productiveness. So achieving productivity is a matter of creating a work environment that fosters productiveness within employees and then trusting them to deliver on business goals. Hence today providing employees with powerful, dependable PC technology is the most pertinent challenge in today’s environment. Workers depend on online collaboration tools more than ever — and they need a PC that delivers a more natural collaboration experience that increases productivity and reduces headaches.

IT Asset Management in the distributed work scenario:- 


IT asset management (ITAM) is generally difficult to successfully accomplish due to multiple layers and involves multiple functions as well. It is a complex framework that utilises resources, processes and procedures to track and manage the financial, physical, licensing and contractual aspects of IT assets through their life cycle. The last thing an IT leader would want is to track and ensure that every hardware component is consistent with its current technology stack.

This is where the Intel VPro computing platform, supported by the Intel 12th-gen processors, comes into the picture. Built-in line with demands of efficient technology & computing options, this edition delivers greater security, manageability, and performance for your growing businesses to thrive, even without having a dedicated IT team.

The 4 IT Features Every Small Business Needs


1. Security Powered by Intel® Threat Detection Technology (TDT) within Intel Hardware Shield: 

  • Identify threats, detect abnormal activities and remediate them while off-loading security workloads to the GPU. 
  • Identify unauthorized changes to hardware and firmware by providing visibility into how the OS and BIOS use hardware protection. 
  • Prevent memory corruption and malware injection by isolating different workspaces and reducing attack surfaces.

2. Manageability Powered by Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) and Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA): 

  • Intel AMT establishes a secure connection between IT and an Intel vPro-based PC for the smooth running of mission-critical resources and features like KVM control, remote power on, etc. 
  • Intel EMA helps with cloud-based manageability for any Intel vPro-based PC.

3. Stability Powered by Intel® Stable IT Platform Program (Intel® SIPP) 

  • The multistep validation process to keep every hardware component of an Intel vPro-powered PC consistent for 15 months throughout the buying cycle or until the next generational release.

4. Performance by 12th Gen Intel Core 

  • Increases compute efficiency & delivers intelligent workload optimization. 
  • Power-packed with DDR5 RAM support and PCIe 5.0 adoption, Intel 12th Gen has high speed & capacity and is ready for the next generation of SSDs and discrete GPUs. 
  • Enables to overclock your memory and create new custom profiles to adjust behavior.

Ready to solidify your growing business for tomorrow? Ready to update & manage your workforce PCs with the most up-to-date high-performance features—with or without the help of a partner?

Get started with the Intel VPro Essentials Platform. To know more, click here!


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