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Aniruddha Mehta, CIO of Prince Pipes & Fittings Ltd


Aniruddha Mehta, the CIO of Prince Pipes & Fittings Ltd, is a renowned professional who achieved recognition as a NEXT100 winner in 2017. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the prestigious S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research. Aniruddha further expanded his expertise by completing a Management Development Program (MDP) in Sales Force Management and IT Project Management from the esteemed Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-Ahmedabad). He deeply understands how organisations leverage technology to enhance their operations, drive innovation, and elevate customer experiences. Moreover, Aniruddha Mehta acknowledges the significance of sustainability in today's business landscape. He has also completed the Senior Management Program at IIM-Ahmedabad, solidifying his leadership skills and strategic acumen in the management realm.



What's your favourite way to unwind after a long day at work?

I engage in diverse activities that bring me joy and fulfilment. Firstly, I enjoy swimming to stay active and refreshed. As a musician proficient in playing the keyboard and singing, I passionately pursue my love for music. I also take pleasure in actively listening to music and utilising my music setup at home. Additionally, I have a keen eye for landscape photography, capturing the beauty of nature through my lens.

Furthermore, I find great satisfaction in immersing myself in the world of books. I particularly enjoy genres such as biographies, memoirs, non-fiction, and history. These genres allow me to delve into the lives and experiences of remarkable individuals and expand my knowledge and understanding of the world.

Do you have any Hobbies or Interests outside of Technology & Business?

I actively engage in a wide range of pursuits that bring me immense joy and fulfilment. Firstly, I am an avid bike rider, and I find great pleasure in exploring the world on two wheels. As a member of the esteemed Royal Enfield Bullet Community, I enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for motorcycles.

Furthermore, I possess a deep appreciation for music and am proficient in playing a musical instrument. This allows me to express my creativity and emotions through the power of melodies and harmonies. In addition, I have a vast collection of over 500 vinyl discs, encompassing various artists and genres. I take great pride in my collection, which includes albums from renowned musicians like Paul Mauriat, S D Burman, and Kishore Kumar.

What's the most memorable vacation you have ever taken and why?

One of the most remarkable journeys I undertook was a trip to Bhutan, characterised by its spontaneity and lack of premeditation. Without prior knowledge of my travel companions, I embarked on an 11-day adventure in 2018, riding a Bullet motorcycle back to India from Bhutan.

What made Bhutan particularly memorable was my immersive engagement with the local culture. Opting for a camping mode of accommodation rather than booking hotels, I had the opportunity to reside among the local populace, partake in their cuisine, and experience their exceptional hospitality firsthand. During our stay in a village along the Drum Path trek, we set up tents and availed ourselves of the facilities provided by the kind locals, who graciously extended their assistance by offering nourishment, breakfast, water, and other essentials. This overall experience was truly remarkable.

Are you a Sports fan? If So, which team or sport do you follow?

While I do not align myself with any particular team, I ardently follow various sports, with cricket and football being the predominant ones. Brazil has captivated my admiration as a favourite football team, while India holds a special place in my heart when it comes to cricket. Moreover, I avidly track the developments in tennis and Formula 1, with a longstanding interest in tennis since my childhood, reminiscing about the era when legends such as Boris Becker and Steffi Graf graced the court with their remarkable skills.

What’s the last great book that you read or a movie that you watched?

I am currently engrossed in reading the autobiography of Kishore Kumar, a profoundly captivating literary work. Within its pages, a remarkable narrative unfolds, challenging the prevalent perception of Kishore Kumar as a financially-driven and temperamental singer. Instead, the autobiography unveils the profound sensitivity and emotional depth that characterised his persona. It sheds light on his challenging childhood, showcasing the extraordinary talent he possessed and the exquisite manner in which he embraced life with his artistic gifts.

It is worth noting a lesser-known aspect of Kishore Kumar's life. While many may believe he was married to Madhubala, the truth reveals that Madhubala ji was deeply in love with Dilip Kumar, and her heart ailment left her with a mere six months to live. Kishore Kumar, shattered by this revelation, relinquished everything, including his career, to ensure her well-being and stood devotedly by her side until her last breath.

I would highly recommend delving into the pages of this book to discover the captivating and poignant accounts it holds, providing deeper insight into the life and experiences of Kishore Kumar.

What's your go to strategy for managing stress in a high-pressure role like yours?

In the bygone era of the 80s and 90s, whenever we visited a restaurant, my father would consistently order "Idli wada sambar Mein dubake" or opt for the thali if available. Those were the days when the charm of an Udupi place for a special occasion was well-known to the 80s and 90s generation.

Curiosity always got the better of me, and I would eagerly scan the menu, hoping to discover something new to order. With a hint of playful criticism, I would often say to him, "Why stick to the same old boring choice?" or "Let's try something different today, don't be afraid to break away from the norm and enjoy what everyone else is having."

Years have passed since those moments, yet the memory lingers on, and with age and maturity, I have come to understand the essence of being comfortable in one's own skin and embracing personal choices. I now realize that my insecurities were overshadowed by my father's remarkable self-assurance and unwavering clarity in his preferences. Today, most of my decisions are rooted in my own comfort and authenticity, rather than being swayed by the opinions or choices of others. I have learned that the consequences of my own choices are far easier to bear than the burden of conforming to others' expectations.

This lesson extends beyond personal life into my professional endeavors as well. I have come to understand that the right job for me is one that aligns with my unique aptitude and attitude, rather than conforming to societal expectations of what is considered the "best." What may be the ideal choice for someone else may not necessarily be the right fit for me. Ultimately, I have learned to prioritize my own comfort and individuality when making decisions, knowing that this path leads to greater fulfillment and authenticity.

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