More Indian marketers to tap AI for growth and innovation: Report

More Indian marketers to tap AI for growth and innovation: Report
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Marketing professionals in India are eager to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) tools and resources. According to new research published on Tuesday by professional networking platform LinkedIn, 83% of marketers believe that AI will significantly change the way they work in the next year. Additionally, 47% hope that AI will make them more productive. The study also revealed that 93% of marketers believe that AI will support their work and create space for innovative thinking within their teams. 
The research suggests that AI will allow marketers to spend less time searching for potential buyers and more time on valuable tasks like engaging with customers. Marketers in India plan to use AI for various day-to-day activities, including summarizing lengthy articles and videos (88%), creating initial drafts of written content and presentations (82%), and problem-solving (83%). 
Currently, 68% of marketers in India are already using AI technology, said the Microsoft-backed platform. Nearly half of them (45%) are experimenting with tools like ChatGPT. LinkedIn's recent "B2B Marketing Benchmark" report released in June also found that 87% of B2B marketing leaders in India intend to increase their use of generative AI to improve efficiency and create engaging content  in the coming year. 
Ashutosh Gupta, Country Manager at LinkedIn India, stated, "AI tools can be great supporters for B2B CMOs by handling operational tasks and providing marketers with the opportunity to focus on building strong customer relationships. Amid competing priorities and limited resources, AI empowers marketers to excel in strategic work, deepen customer connections, and create memorable campaigns that drive immediate action and fuel long-term business growth." 

Towards that end, LinkedIn also said, it is piloting an AI marketing tool — Accelerate — to a limited number of customers in the US and plans to make it available globally including India in early 2024. The company said, Accelerate will recommend an end-to-end campaign and automatic optimisations to reach and engage with the right audience in less than five minutes and builds on LinkedIn’s other AI features, and will further help in cost-per conversion and cost per lead. 
To be sure, Adobe’s Future of Digital Experiences Report, released in June, also said that 53% of Indian consumers and 69% APAC consumers shop in physical stores today — but that percentage will drop to 44% and 40% respectively, in two years. 
The study emphasized by harnessing the power of AI algorithms, brands and marketers can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and emerging trends that can enable businesses to craft content strategies that enhance user engagement. 

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