Accenture, Adobe to develop industry-specific gen AI solutions for marketers

Accenture, Adobe to develop industry-specific gen AI solutions for marketers
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Global consulting company Accenture announced on Tuesday that it will co-develop industry-specific solutions with its long-standing partner, Adobe, using Firefly, the latter’s family of creative generative artificial intelligence (AI) models. This collaboration aims to help organisations create personalised content at scale.
Accenture will integrate Adobe Firefly Custom Models into the marketing services offered by Accenture Song, the company’s digital creative services, providing organisations with industry-specific information necessary to train models on their proprietary data and brand guidelines. Firefly is also accessible via APIs through Firefly Services, as well as through Adobe Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud applications.
By generating content that aligns with their brand style and design language, marketers can create template campaigns that can be refined based on performance data and impact. This approach aims to streamline the content creation process and reduce the need for manual adjustments.
David Droga, chief executive officer of Accenture Song, said, “Whether it's consumer goods companies scaling their product data and images in e-marketplaces worldwide, or healthcare providers ensuring brand standards for patient safety, the demand for scalable generative AI solutions is increasing. By combining Adobe technology with Accenture Song’s tech-powered creativity, we can help democratise the ability for teams to develop creative assets and accelerate content supply chain transformation.”
Accenture mentioned in a press release that its engineers will be trained on Firefly to provide support for organisations deploying generative AI campaigns. Initially, Accenture and Adobe will focus on retail and consumer goods, automotive, financial services, and health industries. As part of the collaboration, Accenture will leverage Firefly within its own marketing organisation for content creation.
Accenture also said that it can customise content across the 19 industries it serves using Firefly Custom Models based on its brand style and design language. David Wadhwani, president of digital media business at Adobe, described Firefly as an enterprise-grade solution that powers a full suite of generative capabilities—from content generation to editing to assembly—through their industry-leading applications and enterprise automation APIs.
This enhanced alliance with Adobe is the latest Gen AI collaboration that Accenture has established with its major partners. In December, the company unveiled the creation of a global, joint Generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE) with technology giant Google. The second half of last year also saw Accenture announce cooperative Gen AI initiatives with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, and Nvidia.
The targeting of the marketing Gen AI segment is also timely, as a research report by technology consulting firm Capgemini published in December found that six out of ten marketers expect generative AI to act as a catalyst for unlocking new creative possibilities. Marketers are already anticipating the use of generative AI across data analysis (90%), search engine optimisation (89%), customer services (89%), content creation (88%), and image and video generation (86%) in the next two years.
Another study by consulting major McKinsey estimates that Gen AI could contribute up to $4.4 trillion in annual global productivity. According to the analysis, marketing and sales are among four functional groups that could reap an estimated 75% of that value.

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