Adobe unveils Frame.io V4 to streamline content workflow and collaboration

Adobe unveils Frame.io V4 to streamline content workflow and collaboration

Adobe, a computer software company, has launched Frame.io V4, a versatile, rapid, and user-friendly creative collaboration platform. This innovation aims to simplify workflows across content creation and production, empowering creative teams to deliver personalized content efficiently. 

The latest iteration, Frame.io V4, introduced ahead of the 2024 NAB Show, is set to roll out in beta today for Frame.io Free and Pro customers. It is slated for a full release later this year for Team and Enterprise customers, the company said. 

Featuring enhanced workflow management capabilities, anchored by a dynamic metadata framework and smart folder system named Collections, V4 heralds a cloud-based platform that is highly customizable and potent enough to support various creative workflows. From video production to other creative endeavors, V4 transforms file transfer, media asset review and approval, sharing, and presentations, providing users with a robust and intuitive platform for their projects. 

Emery Wells, Co-Founder of Frame.io and VP of Creative Product Group at Adobe, said, “With all new capabilities that achieve clear, centralized feedback, fewer revisions, and faster delivery of media assets, V4 is a game-changer for all creatives and production teams, offering the space for greater focus to deliver their best work.” 

Frame.io V4's redesigned interface and enhanced performance cater to every phase of the content creation lifecycle, serving a wide spectrum of creative professionals. Its array of capabilities supports efficient project orchestration, from workflow management to creative review, approval, sharing, and presentation. With richer feedback options and tighter review loops, V4 empowers users to tackle even the most demanding creative projects with ease. 

One of the standout features of V4 is its new metadata framework, which revolutionizes how users interact with assets. Instead of relying solely on a fixed folder structure, users can now tag, organize, and view their media based on their team's workflow. Furthermore, Collections offer a dynamic and customizable view of assets, enabling users to filter, group, and sort media using metadata. 

Later this year, Frame.io will integrate natively with Workfront, facilitating a unified review and approval workflow that fosters seamless collaboration between cross-functional teams. 

Currently integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, Frame.io will expand its integration to Adobe Photoshop for Creative Cloud Enterprise customers in May. Support for more Creative Cloud tools and customer segments is slated for later this year. 

Additionally, Frame.io, as part of Adobe GenStudio, joins other Adobe applications in enabling marketers to streamline content production at scale through native integrations across Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud. With Frame.io's capabilities, alongside Adobe Express and Firefly Services, content production can be automated efficiently. 


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