AI enabled EMR adoption for India Inc with Dr Sushil Meher

Dr. Sushil Kumar Meher is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi, one of India's premier medical institutions.

Dr. Meher is a visionary leader in the field of healthcare IT. His journey with AIIMS and technology spans three decades, making him a central figure in the institute's digital transformation.

Dr. Meher's long-standing association with the Department of Computer Facility at AIIMS showcases a deep understanding of the institute's specific technological needs and the challenges of implementing IT solutions in a complex healthcare environment.

Dr. Meher's leadership has been instrumental in:

* Building a Robust IT Infrastructure: He spearheaded the development of a strong IT foundation that supports the diverse needs of AIIMS - from patient care and medical records management to education and research activities. This infrastructure proved critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling the institute to maintain continuity of services.

* Embracing Telemedicine: Dr. Meher recognized the potential of telemedicine and played a key role in its adoption at AIIMS. His efforts facilitated virtual consultations and remote patient monitoring, ensuring continued access to healthcare during lockdowns and social distancing measures.

* Fostering Collaboration and Change Management: Implementing new technologies in a large healthcare institution requires buy-in from various stakeholders. Dr. Meher's leadership emphasizes collaboration with doctors, nurses, and other staff to ensure successful integration of technology into their workflows.


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