Tata Technologies collaborates with Mitsubishi Electric India for digital transformation

Tata Technologies collaborates with Mitsubishi Electric India for digital transformation
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The manufacturer of products and digital solutions Tata Technologies Ltd. has announced that it has implemented SAP S/4HANA for Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd., a key milestone in the ongoing transition of the company to digitalization, reads a statement released by the company. Through this strategic partnership they have greatly improved efficiency in their operations which has seen them set new standards in their industry.
Mitsubishi Electric India approached Tata Technologies for assistance with streamlining and standardizing its business operations. By applying its deep manufacturing expertise, Tata Technologies transformed and harmonized Mitsubishi Electric’s activities using SAP S 4/HANA resulting in a notable 15% improvement in operational efficiencies.
The exercise required transition from existing SAP ECC system to advanced S/4 HANA cloud services, all-inclusive of business functions integration. The venture similarly had inclusion of electronic signature usage plus configuring document management system servers on an uncompromising time schedule, alongside mapping out entire enterprise workflows among all groups involved.
For the next 11 months, within this span of time, Tata Technologies used its global reach and vast network of experts to accomplish a smooth SAP S/4HANA implementation for Mitsubishi Electric India that resulted in 25% reduction from the original schedule. The project entailed cross-functional teams for business process rationalization and digital accelerators such as pre-configured templates for the manufacturing industry, pre-built authorization matrix, EDI solutions, SAP MES integration connector, data migration and validation tools, and reusable automation test scripts.
The latter aligns with the recent operationalization of the Factory Automation & Industrial Division’s (FAID) new manufacturing facility in Talegaon Pune home to multiple business units including Factory Automation Systems, Air Conditioning Systems and Semiconductors & Devices.
This successful deployment has improved core processes making them more efficient operationally as well as more visible across all divisions resulting into flexibility hence providing one single source of truth on the basis of real-time data for better decision-making. Additionally Tata Technologies will also provide Annual Maintenance Services (AMS) for three years going forward so as to ensure continued excellence.

"This project with Mitsubishi Electric India is a testament to Tata Technologies’ mission of helping manufacturing companies worldwide conceptualize and manufacture better products," said Warren Harris, CEO & Managing Director of Tata Technologies.

"We leveraged our global teams in the manufacturing domain to reimagine the entire business process and implement SAP S/4HANA, which delivered enhanced operational efficiency. This project exemplifies our One Team with Customers approach, further enhancing our client's competitive edge.”
The successful implementation was praised by Kazuhiko Tamura, Managing Director at Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd., “Mitsubishi Electric India has been focusing on digital transformation of its operations aimed at increasing operational efficiency. This way, our collaboration with the Tata Technologies Company has played a key role in achieving our goals for this digital revolution much earlier than planned out, strengthening our operational capacity and laying down a blueprint for future expansion.”


“Through embracing SAP S/4HANA implementation plan, we show more commitment on reinventing our business processes so as to make them efficient and nimble. This strategic initiative also demonstrates how we remain committed towards improving service delivery to customers and shareholders through outstanding performance and innovation.” 

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