How BECK Friends' P2P logistics service works and why it isn't an easy business

Varun Arora

Wouldn't it be great if you can save some money in sending a parcel to a friend in another part of the city through someone who ....

21 April, 2016

Don't be another Jack out of the box

Deep Malhotra

Jack jumps out from his box and shouts out loud 'I don't want to live in here anymore, I want to build my own Big Box'. Jack thought ....

28 April, 2014

Ex-MySpace Director Deep Malhotra Launches Incubation Facility; Invests $1M

Preethi J

Digital media executive Deep Malhotra, who was senior director at MySpace (India and South-East Asia) in 2010, has launched an ....

22 July, 2011